What people are saying about The Joy of Singing


I have been taking classes with Gillian for about a year now. In this short time, I have been able to hone my technique in both pop and classical genres. Gillian has really supported me through this journey and I am now feeling more confident with my voice than ever before. Thank you Gillian!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Poppy Manzies- Brewer


I had a 20 year hiatus from professional singing.  My return to the microphone was somewhat daunting but Gillian has contributed so much to make it a joyful journey.  She has shown me a range of techniques I did not know existed.  These techniques have helped me learn so much about the anatomy of my vocal chords and how seemingly minor adjustments can bring so much improvement to sound quality.  I am now performing in a 1970’s Rock Band where protecting the voice is as important as range and delivery.  Gillian has curated a warm up process specifically for my voice, for daily care and a pre-gig warm up.  I am just loving what I am learning, feeling so much more confident in inhabiting and performing iconic songs and learning to protect and respect my voice at the same time.  You Rock Gillian!!!

                                                                                                                                                         Mama Cath – Living in the 70’s (aka Cathy Levins-Byres)


 I have studied singing and voice work with Gillian for over six years and enjoyed every second!  Working with Gillian has improved my voice and just as importantly, my understanding of how to use it. Gillian’s approach to teaching is fantastic; it begins with learning how to sing and speak safely with basic exercises and develops into a thorough understanding of the muscles and technique needed to sing successfully.  Every class with Gillian is a little different. After her standard warm up, we might do an intensive on muscles or technique, focus on a particular song or do some body work with movement. All the work we do is backed with Gillian’s vast knowledge of voice and performance.   She has given me the opportunity to perform and helped with auditions. She assists me with the many aspects of performance, such as character development and general confidence. I have experienced an immense improvement in my voice and skills since beginning work with Gillian and am so happy to have had the opportunity to be taught by her.

Hilary Peters, singer and actor

I have had many teachers try to help me use my head voice but only GIllian has helped me succeed in this task with her helpful exercises. I felt comfortable singing in front of GIllian by the end of my first lesson and after the last three years I have improved my singing a great deal with GIllian's unique technique and endless encouragement. She has really boosted my confidence when singing and performing to an audience.

Amy, aged 12

Our daughter has made great gains in her ability and confidence since starting lessons with Gillian almost three years ago. Amy's range has improved significantly and she no longer has the mindset that she 'can't do' high notes. Whenever Amy is struggling to learn a song, GIllian works her magic and the difference is amazing.                     

Rebecca Frangopoulos

GIllian has a brilliant voice and she is very nice. She teaches me good skills and warm-ups that help my voice a lot. She teaches me a lot of songs and it is so fun. I especially loved the end of year concert. It was such a great chance to show my family what I had learned. When I had an audition for a musical GIllian helped me a lot and showed me how to get from chest voice to head voice. She gave me a lot of support and good tips. There was a lot of practise and it was fun and worth it. She is epic, fun, kind and awesome.

Maeve, aged 9

GIllian is so much more than a voice coach. She goes above and beyond to foster a sense of confidence and professionalism at all times with her students. She brings a unique sense of positivity to everything she does. Her focus is on the individual and she is careful to tailor techniques and learning. Highly recommended.

Belinda Cachia (Maeve's mum)

When I first met Gillian I could barely hum in front of her due to my fears. Now I am in a studio recording songs with some very talented people. Gillian is a patient and kind teacher but will push you to extend yourself when needed.

 Dana Korsinczky, performer, recording artist

Gillian is always full of positive reinforcement! She has a spectacular singing voice herself, extensive technical knowledge, infinite patience, a great ability to communicate and is great fun to work with.

Joanna Weinberg, actress and cabaret artist

I have been learning to sing with Gillian for over a year now and have found that not only has my voice grown much stronger but also my tone has improved greatly, along with my confidence.  I have been playing in bands on the Sydney circuit for about 20 years and have always found that my voice (even when mainly doing backups) would tire very easily to the point of not being reliable. I also tended to sing a lot in falsetto when the range got a bit high, which tired my voice and meant I wasn't getting the tone I needed.  Now, after working on my singing with Gillian I am singing with a lot more confidence, power and am much happier with the sound of my voice.  I am now able to step up and take on some lead songs in my band without the worry that perhaps my voice wont be up to it or will disappear half way through a song.  I have also received positive feedback from others, which to me is a great sign that I am on the right track.  Gillian is a great teacher who is very patient and can always find a way to teach singing concepts to her students in ways they can understand.  She really focuses on building strong foundations upon which students can safely and successfully build their singing skills.

Dominic Kennelly, guitarist, singer

My voice issue was actually a body issue. Using awareness through movement Gillian was able to take me into the pattern that wasn’t working to fully experience and become aware of it, then to the new pattern, then to consciously switch back and forth from one to the other. This empowered me to release muscles that were over-working and wake up muscles that were under-active. This has made an enormous difference in my breathing and my tone.                       

Susanne Schreiber, dancer, singer        

I came for singing lessons but then my job required that I start to do more public-speaking. I experienced all the classic symptoms of panic when I got up to the podium. I also had what I would describe as a “grating” voice, which sometimes put people off, and I felt did not express who I really was. We discovered I had developed this as a way of compensating for my small stature. Through Gillian’s guidance and exercises,  I got in touch with my true power, my passion, my desire to contribute. It felt like coming home to my true voice. I now experience a sense of ease and aliveness when I speak - I am so grateful to Gillian for believing in me.

Andrea Tyler, sales executive, singer

Gillian has coached me for numerous musical theatre auditions and performances. I particularly enjoy the process of workshopping songs, which sometimes feels like a friendly wrestling match - so focused and at the same time light-hearted and thrilling. I always leave with valuable directives that help me convey the meaning of the song, access the sound I need, track and release tension, and find the actions that are authentic for the character.

Jonas Hudson, performer

I had been to many teachers, all of whom taught me some useful things but no one could help me access my “chest voice”. Gillian has a wonderful ability to be present with a student and she had recognised that this was not a physical issue. We were able to connect it to a long-standing personal issue. Once this was acknowledged and given space it could release and transform. Now I am able to sing in that register with joy thanks to Gillian's sensitive teaching.

Jocelyn Lorenz, actor, singer

Gillian, I am so grateful for all your years of coaching me. Your commitment and passion to the joy of singing is inspiring. I feel your training has freed my voice and given me an experience of freedom and joy after a very wounded childhood where I had no voice. I now love my sound and can express myself more fully in all aspects of my life. I have enjoyed the choir so much.

Gillian Underwood, Satsang Choir member

Gillian, I can't thank you enough for all the gifts you have given me over the past decade. It really has been the most joyful and fulfilling experience for me and my voice has improved no end thanks to your expert guidance. Thank you for encouraging me to attend choir for the first time and I'm so so glad you did that as I have some very happy memories to treasure. You have enabled me to continue as a soprano long after I thought I would lose that top register and have to move to the altos!! You have guided me as a performer and filled me with the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and sing from the heart. For all these gifts and more I will always be grateful.                                                                        

Monica Watts, Satsang Choir member