Connect with your own open, free and powerful voice to experience the Joy of Singing 

The Joy of Singing offers one-on-one singing lessons, vocal and performance coaching. Whether you wish to enhance your professional technique, nurture your child's love of singing, join the Satsang Choir or just explore a new side of yourself, the Joy of Singing can help you achieve your singing goals.


You will learn how to:

  • Invigorate your singing practice and warm up effectively
  • Achieve better skeletal alignment and breathe efficiently
  • Gain awareness around physical and vocal patterns and unlock new possibilities to liberate your voice
  • Increase your versatility and enhance your tone to sing in a wide range of styles
  • improve your stamina and develop a healthy and sustainable technique
  • Hone simple acting skills that allow you to communicate songs with intent and create “performance magic”.


get in touch to develop your singing skills with an experienced, encouraging teacher