Singing Lessons

My goal is to inform, inspire, and empower singers with practices that fully engage body and feeling with their own open, free, versatile voice

Gillian Meadow, Director, The Joy of Singing

In the Joy of Singing lessons you will:

  • Improve your singing skills

  • Set goals and achieve them, eg prepare for an exam, nail an audition, or hone a performance

  • Gain the tools to make a real difference in your voice and thrive as an artist.

  • Learn to make conscious vocal choices that catapult you to a whole new level of performance.

  • gain confidence and unlock possibilities of your voice as a powerful vehicle for connection

  • Learn to communicate, tell the story, create “performance magic”

  • Get in touch with your excitement about the unique contribution you have to make

The Joy of Singing approach to voice training integrates vocal science with body-work and acting traditions to enhance the singer's art

Private singing lessons for adults, teenagers and children (age 10 and up) are designed to explore fundamentals of vocal technique and musicianship with exercises and songs that are enjoyable and engaging. Your training will include a foundation in the basic anatomy of voice production with fun and powerful exercises that will empower you to control vocal tract shapes that account for various singing styles. Through movement and vocal exercises you will experience a whole new vocabulary of sounds and learn how to access the amazing range of qualities your voice is capable of. When your technique is sufficiently established we combine simple acting skills with singing technique and vocal style to cultivate your own connected, unique interpretation. Students practise their skills with songs they know and love, then include varied repertoire.


Please get in touch to develop your singing skills with an experienced, encouraging teacher.